Scotch Broom

Hello Scotts, I am here to day to tel you about the danger of Scotish broom. Scottish broom is native to Scotland and is no joke it was brought here by captain Walter Brown and is very invasive. It was first brought here for a reminder of Scotland, But very soon after it turned out to be very invasive and evil to the other plants. It gives toxins to the other plant so it has more room. It is very hard to get rid of because of it’s thick deep roots and tree like fell to the branches. The Scotish broom has a yellow flower and when it is in bloom it has pea like seed pockets that blows up and spreads many seeds around. The leaves are poisiness and is very flammable and can start forest fires. It is a big problem because it’s so hard to get rid of and can start forest fires due to it’s dry leaves. Vigilantes are trying to get rid of it but there so much of it and it keeps on geting bigger and bigger.

Broom - Ginestra - 1680x1050 (for MacBook Pro 17
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Modern day treasure hunting also known as geocaching is the best thing sence sliced bread. Geocaching is done with a GPS to tell you where the caches are. It’s a great way to get to know your neighborhood and your GPS watch out for muggles they might tamper with the cashes. If you didn’t already know muggles are none geocachers. When you find a cache you can be saprised what kind of goodies and swag you can find. Geocaching can be done all round the world and can be done any where. Geocaching is a term coined in 2000 that describes the enthusiast hobby of locating a treasure somewhere in the world with the help of a GPS-enabled device and GPS coordinates that are listed online.

Land Yatchz Chilliwack spot check

Have you ever been to Chilliwack before? I have, Chilliwack is located 100 kilometers east of the City of Vancouver. It’s a great location for longboarding with loads of hills and a great skate park to do some gnarly shredding! They have a great skate shop and some really nice people. I hope you enjoy this Landyatchz spot check.

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Try a Trade

When you grow up do you want to do a trade? Well I sure do. When I grow up I want to be a carpenter just like my dad. A few days ago we went to the Sandwhick school of the trades. We learned all about plumbing, carpentry, drywall, cement work and electrical. We got the tour from Randy the teacher.

Sandwhick is a great place for kids to learn about the trades and take a big part in them. I think provides a great oppertonaty for kids who like to learn with there hands and not just sitting in a desk all day. They give the kids what they need to do the job and what they have to practice to become a real master of the trades.

I hope you enjoy the fallowing video made on Animoto and some day maybe you might go in to the trades. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, Thanks




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Air Jordans

Air Jordans  also known as Jordans probably one of the best basketball shoe brand ever. The silhouette of Michael Jordan served as inspiration to create the Jumpman logo. Partner owned by Micheal Jordan and Nike. But air Jordans Don’t just sell shoes they sell on court apperal like shorts, Jerseys, shocks and tank tops and off court apperal like T-shirts and jackets. What’s your favourite type of basketball shoes? Feel free to leave a comment below, Thanks    

Aproved by Kaiden and Jacob

Jumpman logo.svg 

Jordan Flight Luminary

Rotational Art

Hello, I’m doing a post about rotational art. Rotational art is when the same thing rotates around the starting vertices over and over again. Hope you enjoy!


One made by Esher

One made by me


TED Talks

Hello Bloggers, today I am here to talk about a video I just watched called TED Talks. It’s about being aware about the online filter bubbles. The video is basically about how the Internet gives you personal searches on the thing you’ve searched before. So if you search something on your computer and some one else does the same thing you will get different results. I think this video is a really good video because it gives you some good information about the dangers of the Internet. I think this really could change your school research projects because if you search and someone else search for Egypt, the computer will miniputate your searches and you will get different results due to the the different histories. I wonder if you clear your history then google couldn’t change your searches? I found this video inspiring because one day I want to solve that problem when I grow up. If you have any questions for me please feel free to leave me a comment.

The Fairy

The fairy

There once was a very greedy and mean fairy. All day long she bossed people around. People gave her free stuff because they were so afraid of her. But she was very beautiful: her hair was a white as snow and her eyes glistened like diamonds in the sky. The clothes she wore were made out of the finest silk in the land. Her beauty attracted all the boy fairies and gnomes to her.
One day a very ugly and nasty old witch popped out of nowhere and she told her she was a very mean fairy and she had a very good life and she had no respect for others. Next she said If you don’t treat people with respect you will end up like me nasty and evil    
So she decided that the old ugly witch was right and that she needed to become a compassionate loving fairy. So she went around in the magical forest and shared her love and joy with all the townsfolk by telling them her story and warning them what would happen if they didn’t treat people with respect. The ugly witch never returned but still watched over her from the sky. They all lived happily ever after. THE END
By Kyle