Comox Valley: Best Place On Earth

Hello I’m doing a slide show about where I live: The Beautiful Comox Valley for the Student Blogging Challenge Week 2.

These pictures are all creative commons which means the photographers¬† have let us use them if we give credit. If you mouse over them it will have the photographer’s name. Thanks

Approved by Colton and Charlie




6 thoughts on “Comox Valley: Best Place On Earth

  1. Hi Kyle,
    I liked your Skateboarding Quiz I thought it was pretty cool and I also liked you Blog design
    From Georgia

  2. Hello kyle it’s me again i sore your slide show and i watched it i thought it was good i like the snow boarding it looks like lot’s of fun and i liked the other photos on the slide show.

    seya from Ronin

  3. Dear Kyle,
    your blog is awesome. Snowboarding looks like a lot of fun. I would like to have a blog like yours. are you going to put games on your blog.
    From Chloe.

  4. hello i love your slide show i love snowboarding and skateborading its very fun what else do you like? Do you have car racing over in canada? Hope to hear from you.
    bye bye
    from corey.

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